What is SellOn?

Everything to Share Your Local.

Wake up in the morning to check local news and share it with the locals, purchase daily necessities at a low price through the group buying service during the day, enjoy hobbies with the locals with the same interest, and in the evening check out a special deal at the downtown restaurant and interact with the locals. Enjoy a sense of belonging to the local community.
SELO+ aims to be a lifestyle-changing community where users share their everyday experiences with neighbors nearby.
SELO+ is hyperlocal based life logging ecosystem, a new way to expand life connecting real and virtual worlds.

Connecting Hyperlocal to On-chain

SELO+ is a strategic initiative focused on cultivating a dynamic community ecosystem. Presently, our key objective is to implement the Web3-based remuneration system into the existing Web2 hyperlocal community app, SellOn.
Through the integration of SELO+'s reward system (Web3) into the Web2 version of SellOn, a platform recognized for its convenience and utility in service usage but lacking participation rewards, we aim to incentivize user engagement. This approach is pivotal in fostering the development of a robust community ecosystem characterized by a continuous influx of new users.
The preliminary phase of the SELO+ project is accessible through the SellOn app. Users engaging with SellOn during this initial stage will gain firsthand experience of the innovative features introduced by SELO+ within the community ecosystem.
The initial stage of the SELO+ web3 reward system can be experience in SellOn app.