Introduction: SELO+

Fostering Financial Inclusion and Empowerment

Crypto is Difficult

Despite their innovative potential, crypto projects often lack accessibility and usability compared to traditional fintech platforms. The volatility in the crypto market is evident from the fact that over 50% of cryptocurrencies have become inactive between 2014 and 2023. The crypto boom during the pandemic further accentuated this trend, resulting in the deactivation of 9533 cryptocurrencies listed on Coin Gecko.

Crypto Investment is Risky​

The Web3 community is witnessing the emergence of numerous innovative cryptocurrency projects every day, but many of them are threatened beyond innovation to their continued survival. ​

This risk of survival becomes an investment risk.

That is when SELO+ steps in.


To address these challenges, SELO+ offers a solution that empowers the sustainable impact of Web3 projects by maximizing access to investment through financial inclusion and minimizing risk through verification by a massive community.

Airdrop aggregation and Launchpad (IDO) aggregation on SELO+ maximize the ease of investment for everyone, providing a streamlined approach to participating in the crypto market.


In response to these needs, SELO+ launched BuzzBit: A social fin-tech initiative that makes the experience of growing assets easy, enjoyable, and rewarding by removing friction during the process. Through BuzzBit, SELO+ aims to foster a more inclusive and sustainable crypto ecosystem, where investors can confidently navigate and participate in innovative projects with ease.

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