BUZZ STARTER (Launchpad)

IDO & Launchpad Aggregator

With a focus on promoting sustainable web3 projects and empowering community involvement, BuzzBit introduces the Buzz Starter, an exclusive and aggregated launchpad board. Buzz Starter aims to give users greater control over their assets while providing opportunities to participate in promising, authentic projects to maximize the users' investment potentials.

[Buzz Starter Exclusives]

🚀 Launchpad with Rising Projects

The launchpad system offers opportunities for strategic investment, allowing users to capitalize on market dips, benefit from price increases due to reduced circulation, contribute to the strengthening of the coin ecosystem, and stay abreast of upcoming project developments.

🌟 Exclusive IDO for Token Holders

As a Token Holder, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to selected projects that bring incredible value. These curated projects are opened to those who are verified for their active engagement in SELO+ community.

📊 Verified Sustainability

An comprehensive assessment for long-term investment ensures the lasting impact of Web3 projects, offering confidence and reliability to investors.

BuzzBit is committed to fostering innovation in the crypto space, which is why we host a launchpad announcement as part of our dedication to project promotion. These promising projects and coins represent exciting ventures, providing our users with an opportunity to actively participate.

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