What is BuzzBit?

SELO+ Web3 Social Fin-Tech APP

Empowering Sustainable Impact in Web3 Projects

BuzzBit is SELO+'s innovative Social Fin-tech App designed to empower sustainable impact within Web3 projects. As a pioneering social fintech initiative, SELO+ is committed to fostering financial inclusion and empowerment, and BuzzBit serves as a key component of this mission.

One of the core objectives of BuzzBit is to simplify the experience of growing assets within the Web3 ecosystem. By removing friction during the investment process, BuzzBit aims to make asset growth easy, enjoyable, and rewarding for users. Whether it's navigating through investment options, participating in airdrops, or engaging with launchpad opportunities, BuzzBit streamlines the user experience to ensure maximum accessibility and usability.

BuzzBit is a social fin-tech initiative making the experience of growing assets easy, enjoyable and rewarding by removing friction during the process.​


Attention, economic performance, and impact are crucial ​core values ​​of Web3 marketing, connected through numerous ​project investments. However, many primarily focus on ​economic performance or attention, excluding the social ​impact component, often disregarding the long-term ​sustainability of Web3 projects. ​

BuzzBit is a SOCIAL FINTECH PLATFORM that ​emphasizes social impact, promoting long-term ​ investments in sustainable Web3 projects based on ​their actual impact or plans.​

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