Introduction: SELO+

Building True Mass Adoption for Web3​

We Build Web3 Services People Need, Use, and Continuously Desire by Connecting People to On-chain

The future of community is decentralized.​ The most trusted and smartest way to create value for all.​ In the realm of decentralized technologies, SELO+ stands out with a clear mission: to lead the way in achieving true mass adoption of Web3. The focus is on creating a seamless Web3 ecosystem that not only fulfills user needs but also fosters sustained usage and genuine demand. SELO+ is committed to understanding user preferences, ensuring our ecosystem becomes an integral part of their daily lives. By linking SELO+ services(dApps) with one utility token, SELO, SELO+ aims to create a lasting connection with users throughout the ecosystem, paving the way for widespread adoption.

As the first initiative in SELO+'s Web3 mass adoption strategy, we are integrating Web3 into our hyperlocal used goods trading app, SellOn, and the online crypto community app, BuzzBit. Through these apps and upcoming dApps, SELO+ ecosystem aims to deliver Web3 services that bridge the gap between online and offline experiences.

SellOn : Social-fi Hyperlocal Community App

SELO+ is a project aiming to build up a new community ecosystem. The idea is to apply the remuneration system of Web3 onto a Web2 based hyperlocal community app, SellOn.
By applying the reward system of SELO+ (Web3) to the Web2 version of SellOn, which has convenience and usefulness for service use, but does not provide rewards for participation, SELO+ encourage users to participate and build a new community ecosystem in which new users continue to flow.

BuzzBit : All-in-one Crypto News Community App

Information is the key element in successful navigation around the intricate crypto cosmos.
Imagine having access to the latest market trends, in-depth project analyses, and direct connections to crypto enthusiasts and experts with shared interests .
BuzzBit provides ALL LEVELS OF CRYPTO DATA to the users with real-time daily news updates, curated events notification, latest projects analysis and market insights.
BuzzBit is all-in-one crypto community app with fast and easy crypto information in one space. It provides:
1) Curated Crypto Contents for quick and easy catch up on important Crypto updates and events,
2) Interest-based Interactive Community for high participation via game-fi reward system and live social-fi services,
3) Exclusive Projects & Promotion with a list of must-know Crypto airdrops and events, and
4) Launchpad & Professional Investment Group providing active involvement and project analysis by launchpad system
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